Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transformers FOC Starscream Prototype

Several years ago, i actually had the chance to own a Universe/Classics Starscream prototype....but i missed it...this time, when i saw the Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Starscream prototype, i had to get it!

No idea why my fascination of prototypes...but Starscream for me is a MUST-HAVE!! If only i can get my hands on a Starscream masterpiece prototype....

"Not For Sale" stamping.

1 comment:

  1. I must confess that I am not much of a Starscream fan these days. I think I did have the original as a kid, but that memory is very vague. I guess the one thing I do like about him is that if Megatron did bother to listen to him, they would not have as many failures. :p

    But with this mold, all I can say is great job on getting him! :) Because while I am not a big fan of the head sculpt, Naoto Tsushima's "bishounen" version of this incarnation made me interested in it. And I hope they put out yet another "Masterpiece" Starscream so you can get his MP as well. :)

    As for me, all I am doing is hoping that ALL SPARK will become a toyline. Hopefully you are checking it out as well, since I think you'd like how he is handling this G1 reboot. :)