Sunday, January 27, 2013

Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak

 Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave (with Laserbeak)
The long awaited MP-13. Even though Soundwave is earlier in the sequence, MP-14 Red Alert was released earlier. 
When TakaraTomy release news that Soundwave will be included in the Masterpiece series, i was thinking: "How can a Soundwave be constructed to be anymore closer to the cartoon than the G1 toy itself? Surely they can't change much about the transformation? such that all other versions of Soundwave has him transform into vehicles instead."
But MP-13 proves me wrong. This is the best interpretation, closest to the anime sound wave. especially laser beak which really rock my world.
Not talking about the add-ons, neither soundwave nor laserbeak is a partsformer...yes, even laserbeak! its blast cannon are incorporated into the alternate mode, unlike its G1 cousin where we have to remove the cannons for the cassette mode. Thats' what i call MASTERPIECE! 
Without further a due, let's take you through MP-13...

First up, the box, the usual TT Masterpiece box...a requirement for all MP collectors and the reason why i always rate the TT masterpieces over the cheapo plastic box Hasbro Masterpieces...

The usual TT masterpeice instruction booklet...


The exclusive coin that comes with the MP...Here shows the packaging the coin comes in.

 The front (left) and back (right) of the coin..

The extra and exclusive energy cubes that comes along with the amazon exclusive. but seriously, there is already one energon cube in the MP-13 package...these are really extras which i don't knwo what to do with them...LOL

Here u can see all the add-ons, a gun mode megaton, sensor that can be attached to his wrist, radar chest plate, energon cube and a cassette holder for laserbeak.

The gun mode megatron attachments can be removed.

Soundwave's blast pistol.

 With the radar chest plate installed.

ejecting an energon cube...For a better effect, it is best that fluroscent pink paper is used to line the walls of the clear cube. Throw in an LED then it'll be perfect!

Buttons on the crotch are real buttons that can be depressed. But only for the fast forward and rewind buttons...Play, record and stop are fixed.

 Diecast on the feet and that's more die cast...a pity!

The masterpiece fingers...the index finger is separate and on 2 pivots...

Great idea to enable laserbeak to rest on Soundwave's forearm.

Cassette mode laserbeak resting in Soundwave..

Here comes the alternate radio mode. Has to be vintage...who listens to cassette nowadays?

Now for laserbeak, in my terms on of the better technical design, having no need of being a partsformer.

Laserbeak is really a surprise for me and a breakthrough...i really like the no partsformer thingy. i mean even the blast cannons...i have never expected this at all...

There is even a spy scope on the head of laserbeak.

Another feature of the masterpiece stand as per the G1 cartoon when reporting back to either Soundwave and Megatron.

My verdict for MP-13 Soundwave? A great technical creation. A tribute to G1 Soundwave and Kudos to the TT designers. Especially Laserbeak (i must have mentioned this for a million times, but i really like the bird!)
But...yes, there is always a but....the quality seems to be dropping. The build itself, made of what it seems like cheap plastics...only diecast is at the feet. Even laser beak, at least they could put in diecast to the body right?
The MP Sideswipe is already missing diecast but at least the plastic is still acceptable. But for Soundwave, a masterpiece version that commands a $200+ price tag to use such crappy plastic is just unacceptable.  I've transformed soundwave twice and the silver paint on his legs are coming off. (mostly at the edges and corners which makes him look like he'd been transformed upteen times since 1984.) By saying this, i dont mean that one should refuse to acquire Soundwave...i have no regrets getting him for his design and laserbeak(AGAIN??!!) but TT should be careful that if they continues with the cheap plastic...the affiliation of masterpieces to collectors would soon wear out...


  1. while i feel MP Soundwave is a great toy, what totally impressed me was Lazerbeak, totally love the fact that he has no parts! really love the clean engineering :)

    too bad i don't have mine now, my soundwave has 2 left legs FTL :(

    1. 2 left legs??! u mean TT was that screwed up?

  2. I remember when TOMY announced that Soundwave was going to receive the Masterpiece treatment, I was thinking of ordering one and have him be a loose display piece. Specifically because he was one of my more memorable pieces as a child. But with the last preorder I had made ("Encore" Fortress Maximus) and QC issues... I think it is a wiser move (for me) to use the money I saved and have my current pieces submitted to AFA.

  3. Rather disappointing that for nearly $200, the only diecast is on the feet. The era of diecast Takara Masterpieces is over I guess.