Thursday, January 3, 2013

Million Publishing Transformers United Artfire

This the piece that came along with the Million Publishing Generations 2012 book.
waited really a long time but not in vain, coz this is really really a very nice piece...the 4th recolor of this mold (Inferno, Grapple, Hotspot previously) and probably the best recolor of this mold.
Artfire comes with 2 target masters...night stick and the other, Sparks.
The typical exclusive Transformers United Black and White Box art

Nightstick is the same as all CHUG target master...same as cyclonus, Stepper and now Artfire.

The chinese characters at the side of the cab is really vintage!

In any cae, the pictures really don't do Artfire justice. You gotta see it in person yourself to really feel how "MUST GET" this fella is!


  1. And how many hundreds of dollars did this cost you?

  2. Mine just arrived today...can't wait to get him home and partner him up w/ Stepper.

    1. You'll enjoy this fella! really nice, this one...

  3. @DrunkethWizerd: Its about the same price as Million Publishing Stepper....only a very small portion of his G1 counterpart... :)