Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Transformers Vintage Goodbye Megatron Giftset...Complete and Unused...Woo Hoo!!!!


Fallen in love with this set ever since i saw one of my good friends getting his hands on one..

And he was the one which helped me acquire this piece...THANKS!

Transformers Vintage G1 Goodbye Megatron Giftset.

Box has wear and aging, but the styrofoam is perfect, the toys are unused, perfect.

110% complete! even papers are unused!

Even the small "Goodbye" paper is there!

Instructions and catalog and mailaway sheet....

Unused, untouched Starscream parts....

and the elusive Destron poster which goes missing for most sets...this one is in a super condition!

Some close ups for the poster...

Seriously, the Goodbye sets are really satisfying to own...very nice giftsets...

Now that i have the goodbye megatron, starting to feel abit itchy to get the Goodbye Convoy...hmmmm...should i or should i not?


  1. Very nice! You don't often see them in such good condition. And yes, now that you own one, you need to own the other.

  2. i've to agree to, the condition of your Goodbye Megatron set is excellent! If i were you i'd get the Goodbye Convoy just for completion sake. I have to ask, where did you get yours anyway? :) The fact that the poster and other documents are all there is really a rare find

  3. Very nice. Rare indeed to get such a beautiful set and in unused condition too!

  4. @Arkvander: i'm trying to look for a set of Goodbye Convoy in similer completeness and condition!

    @Eric: its from Hong Kong...

    @Evil Autobot: Thanks!

  5. Very cool set!
    Now you gotta go for Goodbye Convoy too!