Monday, September 14, 2009

Transformers Vintage G1 Deathsaurus

Deathsaurus (Deszaras) is the destron (Decpticons) leader during Victory. Unlike many of his predessors, he prefers to lead from a distance, pulling strings behind the scenes. When he choses to enter combat, he is ferocious and powerful. He has two breast animals capable of detaching from his chest in sequence to form weapons or do battle. His rivalry with Star Saber stretches back at least five million years.

Deathsaurus is sometimes described as transforming into a dragon or a griffon, but it is most likely supposed to transform into a kaiju. A kaiju is a traditional japanese monster, like Godzilla or Gamera

One of my objectives recently, got it off a local seller.
Transformers Vintage G1 Deathsaurus or Deszarus.
Item is Loose with no box. C-8.5 condition.
Joints are tight and the chrome is still good.
Without the weapon and the shield.
Now i'm gonna hunt for them to complete the figure!! :)

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