Monday, January 2, 2023

End of 2022…

 It's been a long long time....My last post was in 2016....

I did not stop collecting but buying is very slow and have been selling off some stuff...

Bought a new place, set up the display and sold it off 4 years later. Damn...many things had happened in the last 6 years...

Got a AFA red label Bluestreak, finally. Have many copies of bluestreak but finally a AFA specimen. Looking for a reasonably priced AFA Starscream. I have a AFA Takara Reissue one but need a vintage U.S copy.

Prototype Takara Book Reissue Prowl

Finally managed to snag a Diaclone Blackhood Fairlady. Legend has it that it is more challenging to attain compared to its blue version. Price is supposedly higher as well. Difficulty, maybe true but price-wise, i think its same or slightly lower, not really sure but i think i got mine at a very reasonable price.

Since we are at it, let's spend some time to enjoy this nice bluey. Paint job is one of the most pristine i have seen.

The Headmaster Heads. Shuffler was without a home for the longest time and i finally managed to complete this set, boxed.
Next to move on the the legendary White Headmaster Heads (Write up on this by my good friend) if i can ever locate one for sale.

MISB Lucky Draw God Primus. (Gold G1 Rodimus Prime)
One of the few G1 lucky draw (gold) figures.

I have owned and sold the U.S Seekers but would very likely keep this set that comes with acrylic cases. Starscream is sealed on card and thus unused. Next to find a nice set of coneheads.

Chance across this set of minature figures. Very close to G1-likeness. Likely to be 3D printed. But how they mamaged to paint the figures is a mystery. The figures are really very small. The Cassettes (Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy) are smaller than a panadol (paracetamol) tablet. Very detailed.
But i have to say they are rather costly. More sets available like the individual Aerialbots, Stunticons, etc. Space-friendly as well! 

Another challenge done. Vintage Stepper. Strange that i managed to own Artfire before stepper. I actually spent more time looking out for Stepper than Artfire. Robot points cut but am not particular as it does not affect the display at all.
The rare targetmasters: Stepper with his brother, Artfire.

This was my display when i moved into the new residence 4 years ago. Too bad 4 years later, i had to move out, and as a result of limited space, the TFs had to go into storage and some were sold off.

This has to be my favourite section: Starscream (4 stages of trasnformation according to the box)
Diaclone Starscream, my favourite version. Then the Joustra and the Lucky Draw Starscream.
Raiden Sets.

Was doing housekeeping and took out this nice paper weight or desktop toy of the day.
Blocky, very G1, very vintage and very 80s. One which i like very much. More blocky than Powermaster Optimus Prime or Ginrai, another block head which was adored since i was 10 years old.

Remembered very clearly, i could not afford to buy the Ginrai, could only go to the neighbourhood shop, hold on to the box and looked at it, almost everyday. One day, the toy got sold and i was distraught!  Now, i proudly own a C-307. Though not really valuable in the market but it ranks at the top in my heart.

Abit too little for 6 years but i guess the post will be too long for comfort to read. Hopefully my next post will not be 6 years later. Cheers!

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